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Stephen Baker is the founder and principal of Virtual High School (VHS) and Virtual Elementary School (VES). Mr. Baker’s passion for online education began in 1995, with the idea of offering fully online and accessible courses to high school students. This passion comes from his experiences teaching in alternative education settings where he witnessed the positive effect of a self-paced, asynchronous learning model on student achievement.

Mr. Baker was born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. He taught for 13 years in Wesleyville, Newfoundland before moving to Ontario to teach in 1987. In his free time, Mr. Baker enjoys spending time with his family, Association Croquet, stamping, and dining on cod tongues, a traditional Newfoundland food.

  • Virtual Elementary School Principal
  • 1-866-679-9377 x301

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Rebecca joined the Virtual High School team as a summer student in 2013. She worked on various projects in the English Department before working on a project to develop online Kindergarten to Grade 5 content for a Florida school. After finishing the project, Rebecca took on the role of Virtual Elementary School Coordinator. Rebecca is passionate about instilling in students 21st-century skills and providing flexibility in education through VES’s online learning model.

  • Coordinator, Virtual Elementary School
  • 1-866-679-9377 x231
  • Rebecca.Merner@VirtualElementarySchool.com